1. Board Of Directors

  2. CEO

    CEO will look after all the foreign gusets and board issues.

    1. Director

      Mr. Arif wil be handling all the foreign visits,FDI'S, Board Meetings and various other matters.

      1. Purcahsing Manager

        Purchasing Manger will be responsible to purchase the product by classifying all the properties of clients.

        1. SEO

          Mr. Faheem will be looking after the SEO and will help in leads generation and data collection of reliable customers.

    2. General Secretary

      Ms Komal will be dealing with all the staff realted issues, Hiring & Firing, Sales & Marketing, Assignmnent of Tasks & Organizational Management.

      1. Testing Manager

        The Testing Manager will be responsible for the testing of the product that if the product is processed a/c to clients need.

        1. Social Media

          Khushi will be handling social media, and postings on Alibabs and will make sure to generate inquiries through these channels.

    3. General Manager

      Mr. Irtaza will be handlig all the general management including the admin relatedand factroy related matters.

      1. Factory Manager

        The Factory Manager will be looking after all the cleanliness. Security, Hygiene, Product Safety at the site.

        1. Sales

          Sales team will be throwing emails and phone calls to the targeted clients and will mature sales.

    4. Field Manager

      Mr. Junaid will be looking after all the field work

      1. Data Collectors

        Zeeshan, Saud & Nimra wil be collecting the data of importers, Tradeshows, B2B Portals etc.

        1. Shipment

          The shipment incharge will be responsible for the packing and loading of the product that the product is packed is and delieverd in the efficient way a/c to clients required taste and time.

        2. Accounts

          Accounts Manager will be responsible to mainatain voucher books, tax related matters, registrations, renewals, salaries etc.