about us

Yesang Food Pvt. Ltd. is established to produce the safest quality spicy powders in the world in 2018. Spices are used in our daily lives including food and cosmetics but claimed to contain sometimes toxic impurities during production. Yesang Food solves this problem by combining farming management and zero-metallic grinding technology.

Turmeric powder is the main and sole product of Yesang Food currently. Applying to the zero-metallic production process, Yesang Food will expand to other spices in near future.

Production mill operation
Company registration
MOU signed with turmeric farm
Production mill establishment in Punjab, Pakistan
MOU signed for the joint venture between Saremco International and Von Nature (former Yesang)
We cultivated the seed of Yesang Food (Pvt.) Ltd.
we decided to do something different in Pakistani Agriculture.

Why choose us

Yesang Food is established with an aim to provide the quality services to our customers, we are striving hard to offer 100% scalable products with the shortest delivery time period. We are aimed & our monitoring services are designed exclusively to assist you.
why choose yesang food

    Turmeric works as a magic nutrition. What do you expect what can turmeric do for you as a nutrition spice? It helps a lot, apparently...

    We own & run operations to make sure the quality and safety of our product as it is processed under the strict supervision...

    We have maintained the high-quality standards for the production, processing, and packaging of our product...