Turmeric Pre-Processing


Yesang Take care of their product from the start. Our yellow turmeric powder goes through different careful procedures before it converts into a refine powder form. However, We collaborate with Pakistan Food Engineering Lab (PCSIR) to develop the cleanest method.

Our company ensure the best environment of Digging Turmeric, drying it, and Washing it. Although, This is the Turmeric pre-processing phase.


We grow Turmeric organically at our 200 Acre farms. Fully automatic Machines do the digging process. These machines carefully dig out the Turmeric roots without compromising its integrity and shape.


In this step, the Turmeric washing and peeling done through machines. This process provides impurity-free Turmeric for drying.


This process is also done naturally. At farms, our turmeric roots gets clean and dry under sunlight for 15 days. After that, Turmeric pass through a solar conduction dryer. Drying air temperature around 39-50 C is good. Then Turmeric cool down to the temperature of 25-28 Degree. Then it becomes a fine yellow turmeric powder.