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Turmeric Powder Exporter And International Market

Turmeric is a bright yellow spice that belongs to the ginger family. It is one of the common use of cooking spices in the world. Generally, it uses in Powder form. Just not Turmeric Powder, but Turmeric fingers are also acquiring vigorously. Right now, India is one of the biggest Turmeric suppliers in the world. Over 65% of the total world Turmeric originates in different regions of this country like Gujrat, Mumbai Maharashtra India, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajkot Gujarat India. Right now, India holds the crown jewel of being the biggest Turmeric Powder exporter in the world.

Turmeric powder manufacturers are now looking to become a part of Pakistan international export. Curcumin powder exporters in India are also facing some serious competition when it comes to the Curcuma longa Turmeric trade. There are different varieties of turmeric that are being exported worldwide from Asia. Pakistan is also one of the leading producers of turmeric in this region.

The processing procedure for Yesang Turmeric

No matter which region you are producing turmeric, the processing procedure is quite the same. Turmeric exporters are now looking good in Pakistan. You get first to look at the Turmeric finger when harvesting. After harvesting the fingers of turmeric from the ground, they are sun-dried. Then after drying, it goes through grinding to make quality turmeric powder. 

After that, this powder’s moisture soaks in a specially made oven to get dry turmeric powder. Turmeric extract, which is known as Curcuma as its botanical name, is also separate during this procedure. It also increases its shelf life and provides you with pure turmeric powder.

Turmeric Export

In the international market, there are some high standard sets for the quality of yellow turmeric Powder. Turmeric that is being used in the European country’s cuisine is way more refine than acquire by anyone in Asia as curry powder.

If you are a turmeric Powder exporter, you need to possess all the manufacturing supplies and tools that make your curcumin longa best. It will help you to become better global merchants of Haldi.

Turmeric Packaging Size

Now, this is another significant step in Turmeric export that you have to pay full attention too. Haldi Powder should be packed in sealed packaging. Usually, these packages contain 125g to 5kg turmeric powder. You can use pp bags for its export as well. According to buy lead requirements, you can also pack it in plastic bags. Yesang Food is among the biggest manufacturers suppliers of Turmeric. We offer organic products and know the dynamics of the market yard.

Being a Turmeric powder exporters, you have to cover all these following steps. So, if you want to succeed as a turmeric powder supplier in the current era, you should possess all the supplies which are necessary to fulfil above-mentioned procedures.

Different types of turmeric

There is a much different variety of turmeric available in the market after processing that we use in daily life that spices suppliers provide. Now we are talking here for Yellow Turmeric so we will discuss just its types.

Turmeric for Household

Turmeric is a natural and vibrant spice also known as curcumae longae. It is one of the most commonly used herbs in household cooking. For Kitchen shelf, it is one of the essential spices. People use it in the kitchen while making curry and other recipes. In the house, we also use raw turmeric.

Yesang Food Turmeric for Household has the best curcumin content in it. It has antioxidants in it, which makes them perfect to heal wounds and fight against infection. You can also make Golden milk with it, and it can work as the best antioxidant for your injuries. It is a natural health product.

Health Supplements

It is a nutritional health supplement for your body. Its extract, which is also known as Curcuma used as Pharmaceutical compound. It has many medicinal properties and other health benefits. Yesang Food has a 6.7% natural curcumin rate in our turmeric which is among the highest quality.

 Also, our turmeric is certified as Zero Metallic. This type of Turmeric is a top buyer requirement. Many Turmeric powder exporters just deal in this type of curcumin. It is also used in herbal medicine. Our organic turmeric powder is better than other suppliers.

Use of Cosmetics

Turmeric spice and its powder have many cosmetic uses as well. This type is produced after we grade turmeric very fine. It makes a perfect mask for your face when mixing with honey. It also helps to revive the lustre and bring the glow of your skin. This is also because it has antioxidants characteristics. Saremco is trying to decrease turmeric cosmetic use as an exporter.

Saremco is among Top turmeric powder suppliers in Pakistan. To post your buy requirement you can contact Yesang Food. We make sure of food safety and provide organic turmeric. We offer natural turmeric powder and also work with Sangli turmeric.  You can see all the product descriptions on our website. We export on the given delivery time. At Saremco different turmeric packaging types are available.

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