Poultry Business is one of the most generic businesses in the world. It is highly profitable and done all over the world. Usually, people use different kinds of antibiotics to increase hen mortality. Turmeric Powder is one of these antibiotics. It has increased turmeric export demand worldwide.

Other supplements that are being used in poultry farms are suitable for the overall health of chicken and egg-laying hen. But, it also shows some diverse side effects commercially. It is affecting public health and creating a phenomenon of antibiotic resistance, also known as microflora.

 This antibiotics effect of turmeric on Poultry has created a panic among consumers. So, many countries in Europe have banned the use of synthetic antibodies in farms. Feeding turmeric to chickens is one of the best options. This provides an opportunity for them to look for better ways to give antibiotics in the feed. Turmeric for Chicken is one of the best options.

Recently it is researched that turmeric has such medicinal antibiotics effects which can easily be used for the growth of Broiler chicken. Turmeric is natural, so it also doesn’t have any severe after-effects as synthetic antibiotics do. It provides the same effects on egg production, chicken health and overall growth as the other antibiotic does.


Europe is Using  Turmeric for Poultry

In the last two decades, Poultry farms were using Synthetic or commercially available antibiotics. Use turmeric extract for poultry became necessary. These antibiotics were used to fight against different exogenous Pathogens. The main reason to use these antibiotics in Poultry was to overcome mortality issues in Poultry.

But, then it started to show adverse side effects in Public. It was affecting the health of the public. Antibiotics are used to create the phenomena of microflora that is harmful to humans. Because of this, the use of antibiotics got banned for poultry use all over Europe in 2006.

Now, the question remains that if an antibiotic is necessary for broiler chicken growth but harmful to humans. What substitute can be used by poultry farm owners? Thousands of active bio products were researched to get the answer to this question. Finally, Turmeric or Curcuma longa was found as an answer.

Turmeric Benefits in Poultry

Curcuma longa (Turmeric) is a natural spice with various antibody features. It is used for multiple applications of medicinal and health. Turmeric has curcumin in it, which is a crucial compound of bioactive.

It holds many great features like anti-inflammatory and other antibodies.. So, as a replacement for other antibiotics in poultry farms of poultry. The properties of rhizomes powder made by turmeric if mixed with poultry feed act as a super antibiotic.

It provides Broiler chicken all the positive effects of antibiotics and doesn’t create the phenomena of microflora as well. This means it is safe for human health as well. All those poultry farms which use turmeric as an antibiotic have higher growth of broiler chicken and production of eggs as well.


How can you use it on Poultry farm?

Turmeric has rhizomes in it, which is a powerful source of super bioactive fuels for hens. It is also widely used in public medicines. It is mixed with antibiotics to create a non-toxic feed and is natural for chickens.

Now, it is used in regular diets of egg-laying hens and broiler chicken. Turmeric is made up of different healthy components which follow.

Source  Percentage
Carbohydrates Content 6.56%
Proteins Content 6.71%
Fat Content 5.90%
Minerals Content 3.159%

It has many other components in it as well like dimethoxy curcumin and bisdemethxy curcumin. All of these compounds have such biological properties which are healthy for Broiler chicken.

3 Turmeric meals daily can drastically increase the growth rate of broiler chicken. It stimulates their digestive system and promotes its sucrose activities. It also helps to increase egg production. Its dietary components increase egg production in hens and even affect the index of an egg.




Nutritional value of cured turmeric 100g have:

Name Values
Product name Turmeric Powder
Color Orange Yellow
Size Size of the turmeric is 200 micron.
(The size can be vary as per customer’s requirement)
Weight 20kg per bag.
Packing Air-tightened, paper bag inner coated.
Small packaging of 100g
As per client requirement.
Curcumin ratio 6.7%
Certificates ISO22000, HALAL, HACCP, FDA, BRC


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