Turmeric for Hair

Turmeric for Hair


Turmeric is an ancient spice, comes with multi-faceted properties. It is commonly known as a spice for a curry. It is an important ingredient of many Asian cuisines.  Turmeric is a part of medicine from centuries. So you already have seen its fluorescent yellow color and tasted its warm bitter flavor, but this foodie spice also has powerful beauty benefits. It is used as a beauty agent in many beauty hacks. It is a part of many face masks to revive the glow of the skin. Turmeric is the most studied product. It contains many cosmetic properties which help fight against signs of aging, reduce facial hairs, and skin tightening. It can also be used in hair care to beauty hairs, helps in the growth of hairs and many other scalp conditions. So we can say that turmeric for hair is good.


Is turmeric is good for your hairs?

In Turmeric the unique compound curcumin is the magic ingredient that can help in dealing with various hair issues. When we talk is turmeric good for your hairs, so yes defiantly it is. Turmeric helps in

  • Treating dandruff
  • Helps against hair loss
  • Natural coloring agent
  • Scalp conditions
  • Promote hair growth

So it has multi-dimensional benefits for hair and we can use it in various forms.


How to make a turmeric hair mask?

Turmeric is as beneficial for hairs as for skin or any other health condition. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which turmeric contains helps in making hairs more shiner and for faster growth. Turmeric for hairs is good as you can make different turmeric mask according to your hair need. Like you can make

  • Turmeric and Honey Paste
  • Turmeric and Olive Oil Paste
  • Milk and Honey Mask of Turmeric
  • Turmeric and Egg Yolk


Turmeric and Honey Paste:

The combination of turmeric and honey is beneficial for your scalp. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of both ingredients help in boosting the hair growth and treating different scalp conditions.

To make the paste mix both ingredients, apply it on your scalp, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off with warm water.


Turmeric and Olive Oil Paste:

The best duo for dry hairs is turmeric and olive oil. It increases the blood circulation on the scalp and helps in reducing hair dandruff. Mix both ingredients, apply the mixture on scalp and hairs leave it for up to 2 hours. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Turmeric, Milk and Honey Mask:

Applying the mixture of turmeric, milk, and honey helps in strengthening the hair follicles, boost the hair growth and help prevent the hair loose. So make a thick paste of turmeric, milk, and honey. And apply it on your scalp.


Turmeric and Egg Yolk:

The combination of turmeric and egg yolk helps to add shine and sheen to your hairs and maintain the texture of your hairs. So it is good to apply the mixture of turmeric and egg yolk on your hairs at least once in a week.


Turmeric Hair Dye

As we all know turmeric contains coloring properties. It is not only a dye to use for coloring food or clothes. But by adding it with different infusions like henna, chamomile or with any other, it can be used as a hair dye. Turmeric gives a sharp tint to blond and brown hairs. And a bright yellow tint to the light or white hair.


Turmeric in Natural Hair

To maintain the natural glow of your hairs and to avoid the dryness and fizziness of your hairs. You need to apply turmeric on your hairs to revive its natural glow and shine again.


Turmeric Hair Growth Inhibitor / Turmeric for Hair Removal

Turmeric is also used as a hair growth inhibitor. As when you apply turmeric paste on your face it adheres to the skin quite tightly. So when it is scrubbed off, the hairs come along with it from the roots. So we can say that turmeric can be used as hair removal.


Turmeric Hair Conditioner

Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory and powerful anti-oxidant. And is a wonder herb. So make turmeric hair condition to make your hair more smooth and lavish it’s quality.


Turmeric and Coconut Oil for Hair

The mixture of turmeric and coconut oil is very good for the scalp and hair. Mix the coconut oil with turmeric, apply this paste on the scalp and leave for 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

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