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Turmeric is a combination spice containing many beauty benefits. It helps in reviving the luster and glow of your skin. It anti-oxidant properties gives a natural glow to skin. So to get the best beauty agent in town contact us. As Yesang Food Korea is a turmeric supplier and we are working globally to provide its customers this wonderful herb.

For ages, Turmeric is being used as a natural Cleanser. You can mix the powder of Turmeric with Milk, and it can bring a healthy glow to your skin. In Asia, Turmeric is also being used in ubtan and soaps as a cleansing agent. 

If you want smooth skin, you can mix it with cereals, pulses, and nuts to smooth your skin. If you want to make a home remedy from turmeric powder, you can also make a face mask. Many cosmetic companies are using our natural turmeric powder as one of the key ingredients in their products. 

It also helps you to reduce acne and scars from your skin as well. Its anti-inflammatory properties cleanse your pores and calm your skin. It will help you against acne breakout when you hit puberty.  


Yyesang Food Finest Quality Curcuma Longa Extract for Cosmetics Use


Nutritional value of cured turmeric 100g have:

Name Values
Product name Turmeric Powder
Color Orange Yellow
Size Size of the turmeric is 500 micron.
(The size can be vary as per customer’s requirement)
Weight 20kg per bag.
Packing Air-tightened, paper bag inner coated.
As per client requirement.
Curcumin ratio 6.7%
Certificates ISO22000, HALAL, HACCP, FDA, BRC


This category we offer the amount of Organic Turmeric powder in different quantities. The packaging varies from.

Packaging Available

  • 1 Kg
  • 2 Kg
  • 5Kg
  • 10 Kg
  • 20 Kg

Customize Packaging

Being a manufacturer, Yesang Food offers to customize packaging as well. We deliver an order in packaging as per customer’s requirement without compromising the quality and hygienic conditions.

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