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Shipping Methods / Options

Yesang Food has over 20-year experience in export. We offer LCL and FCL services from Port to Port for pure turmeric powder export.


Our ocean freight shipment is most secured and reliable. We work with all shipping lines with fixed contract rates.


We offer Turmeric Powder wholesale shipment in peak seasons as well.


Containerized Shipments

  • FCL Shipment
  • LCL Shipment


Yesang Food Core expertise lies in Providing a full customized range of solutions to customers for pure turmeric powder export. We specialize in arranging the fastest, most convenient, and reliable routing for our customer’s shipments. To get more information, you can contact us as well. Our extensive knowledge of customer clearance makes us confident about your Cargo’s arrival at its destination safely and promptly.


Air Shipments

In terms of emergency, we offer air shipments to our clients so the order can be reached on time.

*Our shipping method is 100% according to the Export Standards of the Importing Country.


Export standard

We have PCSIR Laboratory certification, phytosanitary, certificate of origin, and other required export certificates and documents.