Grinding is a process involving cutting and crushing the rhizomes into small particles, then sifting it through a series of screens of different mesh sizes to get powder with desire fineness. For higher quality of turmeric powder, the grinding temperature should be kept as low as possible. Our grinding unit controls the temperature for keeping the volatile taste and aroma compounds and curcumin content. Although, After grinding, the powder passes through different mesh screens until it uniforms into a delicate powder. This is a big deal for those who Buy Turmeric Powder.



Regardless of careful management, it is possible to contaminate by any particles or contaminants until the grinding process. However, Yesang Food adopts two patent units from South Korea to completely filter out contaminants:

1) Sorting apparatus of foreign substances,

2) Magnetic sorting apparatus.

The sorting apparatus of foreign substances filter any type of contaminants, including but not limit to metallic substances, small papers, string, vinyl, hair, and small stones. It separates implications larger than 0.5mm at the first stage and removes impurities smaller than 0.5mm.


Magnetic separation

In addition to the sorting unit, Yesang Food install a magnetic separator to completely filter the metallic substances. The magnetic sorting machine doubles the magnetism and pick out metallic substances virtually.


Packing & Storing

Turmeric powder is pack in a 20kg air-tighten paper bag with an inner coating of polyethene for those who Buy Turmeric Powder. Therfore, To maintain the quality of bags, they are put away from light and kept in dry storage.