Production process

To become Best Turmeric Powder Exporter in Pakistan we take care of all steps of the production process.


Raw turmeric cultivate during mid-march to mid-May mostly. But before sending it to plant, there are some pre-production steps need to be taken. All these steps our performed under the supervision of our farm team.

These steps includes:

Cleaning hygienically:

After digging the turmeric from the ground, the leaves are separated from the plant and the roots were carefully washed off to remove all the impurities.



Leaf scales and long roots are trimmed off and the rhizomes and branches are separated than Covered in leaves and then remain for a day for sweating. After harvesting, we remove leaves from the plant and wash roots carefully to remove soil. Scales of leaf’s and long roots are trimmed off. The branches (fingers) of the main rhizomes (bulbs) are separated. Bulbs and fingers are separately covered in leaves and remain for a day for sweating. We keep some bulbs for planning the following year. This makes us one of the Best Turmeric Powder Exporter.



Before drying, the Turmeric rhizomes are cooked in boiling water to soften. It is known as curing. Curing gelatinizes the starch in a rhizome and makes more uniform drying. At the best timing for curing 2-3 days after harvesting, and put rhizomes in boiling water during 45 min on average, different from size, thickness, age, and variety of the rhizome. Rhizomes start cooking until foam appears at the surface, and the typical turmeric aroma is released.

To get the dry form of turmeric, it is being cured. After washing it off, the rhizomes were boiled in water and dry under the sun. The boiling process lasts from 45-60 min until the Turmeric rhizomes turn soft. Boiling usually stopped when froth comes out and white fumes appear giving out a typical odor. The stage where boiling is stopped were highly influenced the color and aroma of the final product.



After curing the turmeric the next step is drying. By using the drying floor or bamboo mats 5-7 cm thick layer of turmeric spread under the sun for drying. It takes 10-15 days for drying properly. At the night the turmeric is covered with a material which provides aeration. We dice rhizomes before drying to reduce drying time and improve the quality of the final product.

The rhizomes get cutting through machines. To minimize contamination, mold growth, and fermentation, the cured rhizomes are dried as soon as possible. The rhizomes are dried until the final moisture reaches 5-10%. Optimally dried rhizome sounds transparent and metallic when snapped my fingers. Clean and sanitary drying is essential for the hygiene of the final product. Thus, Yesang Food monitors the drying process carefully.



In this process we polish dry rhizomes to remove rough surface. There are two ways to do it, in first you can do it by hands. In other method you shake rhizomes in a gunny bag filled with stones. We also use abrasive metallic drums with mesh lining the polish rhizomes.

In contrast, a rotary knife cutter, screen separator, and de-stoner will help remove residual insects and other extraneous matter. In mechanical rubbing, the drum mounted on a central axis, and the sides of it made of metal mesh. The turmeric is put down in the drum and when it starts rotating the polishing where began, even when they mutually rubbed against each other as they roll inside the drum.



The color of turmeric matters a lot. As the price was decided according to the color of the product. Yesang food Pvt Ltd is providing the best yellowish and light orange color turmeric.


After going through all these pre-phases, turmeric figures are now ready to send them to our plant for further processing.