Pakistan turmeric is rarely recognized in the global market regardless its abundance of fertile cultivation area with potential of growing 73,000 tons of turmeric per year and its high quality, mainly, high content of curcumin (main active ingredient found in turmeric) (around 5 to 9%) than market available turmeric (around 3%).

The reason behind of this is in process. Farmers and processing companies have lack of knowledge about global standards and compromise quality. Thus, Yesang Food took a very first step to improve processing quality harnessing the potential of Pakistani turmeric.

Yesang Food’s quality control starts from farm to processing factory. We have our own fields to grow organic turmeric and try to avoid using any chemicals. Yesang Food applies double cleaning process: at the farm and the Food Processing Lab at PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research). We remove all adulteries and impurities by the double cleaning process. When it comes to grinding, Yesang Food brought ‘Zero-metallic technology’ all the way from South Korea to get the finest, iron free and high quality turmeric. (For detail production process, go to ‘Zero Metallic Technology’)

In the result of our efforts, we get the results from laboratory which shows that we have “High Curcumin Ratio of 6.7%” and almost zero iron content and other adulteries. Our efforts is recognized and certified by international quality authorities including ISO22000, HACCP, and HALAL etc.

iso certification

ISO 22000

halal certification


haccp certification


food safety management system certificate

Food Safety Management System 22000:2005

government certificate

Govt of Pakistan

food and drug administration certificate

Food and Drug Administration