Our Services

Our organic Production is a holistic system that is designed to aggregate the productivity of natural raw Turmeric. We cover all the fundamental platforms within the agroecosystem, including soil organisms, Turmeric roots, and cleaning. We believe in producing organic products that are sustainable and harmonious with the environment. Yesang is trying to develop an organic movement and make our environmental footprints.

 Our goal is to differentiate organic Turmeric from commercially produced Turmeric. We aim to deliver our organic turmeric products to every grocery store and wholesale club in the world. Yesang wants to become No.1 turmeric powder exporters in Pakistan. 


We facilitate our customers with high-quality products by using advanced Korean technology. There is no compromise on the quality process of our organic turmeric powder.


Our quality standards are second to none. We maintain the high-quality standards for Production, processing, and packaging of our product.

Customer Trust

Our policies are based on the mutual benefits of customers and the company. To do so, we make sure that our customer gets the best services. Our primary focus is to build a trust relationship with our clients.

Prompt delivery system

Our delivery system is quick and safe. We make sure that our customer does not face any inconvenience during delivery. It is important to know as best turmeric powder exporters.

Our Services at Yesang Food Korea

Ecommerce Platform

Our Online eCommerce platform is readily available to serve customers online orders and quick delivery. Customers can check all the information regarding our company and products there. The online presence of Yesang is an added advantage for our clients. They can get in touch with us through this online platform and get the best organic Turmeric products at the best prices.



Prime Goals

Our high-end future goal is to establish a company which offers multiple spice range in the future. There is no doubt that we are on the road to success and to become a pioneer in the spice industry. We already earned a reliable name in terms of providing world-class turmeric powder tour clients. The following elements support our future endeavors.

Brand Awareness

Yesang Food established the aim to provide all of the following details of the product to our customers. It will help them to make their mind before they buy.

Customer services

Our top priority is customer satisfaction. From getting an order to shipping and then completing it, we make sure each step is done carefully.

New Product development

We aim to expand the range of our curcumin products. Our goal is to grow with the system and don’t want to stop at a single product. With time, our number of products will increase.

Worldwide Delivery

As we are still delivering products to multiple international countries, we still want to expand our delivery circle. We want to deliver the best organic products worldwide that are just one click away.

Business expansion

We are much devoted to our aim and want to expand our business shortly.

Reducing Cost

We are currently offering products at most competitive market rates; still, we want to transfer our business more to the latest technology. It will reduce the overall cost of Production and eventually, the price of the product.