Yesang Food is striving hard to deliver 100% pure and hygienic turmeric to its customers. The basic three steps from harvesting to packaging is done under the supervision of Yesang Food to avoid any cleanliness issue. We introduced Zero-metallic Technology in Pakistan for the first time.

At farm:

Although Growing, harvesting, sweating, curing, polishing and drying, all these phases are taken care carefully by our farmer’s team to minimize the percentage of impurities found in turmeric.


However, for the better quality we send our turmeric to PCSIR Laboratory in second phase for further washing and drying, to make it two-step process, in result we get the pure, impurities free turmeric fingers for grinding.

At processing unit:

Yesang Food establishes its own plant in Lahore. After lab cleaning, the fingers are directly sent to the factory for grinding process. At this stage, turmeric fingers are shift through a series of screens of different mesh sizes. Although, It is done to get powder with the desire fineness. For higher quality of turmeric power, our grinding unit controls the temperature. However, It is important for keeping the volatile taste, aroma compounds and curcumin content.

Magnetic separation:

We have Zero-metallic Technology. Therefore, in addition to the pulverization unit, Yesang Food install the magnetic separator to filter completely the metallic substances. The magnetic poles with strong magnetism sort out metallic substances effectively and completely.


Yesang turmeric powder is packing is available in a 20kg air-tighten paper bags. Their inner coating is with polyethene. However, for small packaging we are offering 100g bag and/or bottle. We are also offering customize packaging.