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Yesangfood (Pvt) Ltd. is a premier producer of supreme quality natural purified turmeric. We possess all certificates of quality control management necessary for Turmeric powder export worldwide. Our product is processed through the latest machinery for further details about our plant to check our production process at the plant. We produce zero metallic content turmeric because of our unique production process, which is a necessary part of a human diet. Our packaging process is based on best practices and standards renowned worldwide, thus reducing any chance of mixing any particles with the product.


Due to these virtues, our product is demanded worldwide; thus, we have developed best practices for turmeric export worldwide. We export to all the regions, including Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America. Our product is a household name in countries of the Pacific region. Produced and processed at farm and plant, we offer medical-grade turmeric also used as a medical supplement to boost human immune levels.

Yyesang Food Finest Quality Curcuma Longa Extract for Cosmetics Use
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Our acquired certificates necessary for export documentation include Bureau Veritas, RoyelCert HACCP, RoyelCert ISO 22000:2005, PCSIR, RoyelCert Halal, and FDA. Certificates can be viewed on our certifications page. These certificates are necessary for export documentation. Due to these certificates, our product is accepted worldwide and regarded as supreme quality Curcuma resulting in significantly improving our ability to export our product worldwide.