Buy bulk turmeric

Buy Bulk Turmeric


Turmeric is one of nature’s most vibrant spice, due to its strong coloring properties.  It is a tropical plant related to the ginger family and native to the forest wetlands of South Asia and today grows wild in the forest of South and Southeast Asia. It is obtained from the ground roots of Curcuma longa. Turmeric is known for its exceptional golden-yellowish color and pungent taste. It also provides the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds. Turmeric is also identified as Indian Saffron or Curcumin Turmeric. Due to its coloring and flavoring impact, it is one of the key ingredients in numerous Asian cuisines. It is a popular element of Siddha medicine from the last 4000 years. You can buy bulk turmeric through Yesang Food.


Bulk Turmeric Roots

Turmeric is a perennial herbaceous plant. The tuberous rhizomes of turmeric were used as a textile dye or in medicine as an aromatic stimulant. These tuberous rhizomes having tough yellow-brown skin, while the interior is a yellowish orange color. When we talk about turmeric roots, there are basically different types of it. First one is “tube and bulbs” comes from the main roots. But these tend to be less expensive and low in quality. And is difficult to grind.

The other form of it is “fingers” which possess a great curcumin content of 2-4 %. It is high-quality turmeric, with better color and strong flavor, curcumin is the primary pigment, and good quality turmeric must have 2-4 % curcumin which gives turmeric a perfect orangish yellow color, and indicates its premium quality. As it is multi-beneficial, and you can use it in various forms. So if you are looking to buy bulk turmeric, you have two option either to buy bulk turmeric roots or turmeric powder, as per your requirement.


Bulk Turmeric Curcumin

Curcumin is basically a compound found in turmeric. There were different curcuminoids found in turmeric, but curcumin is considered as the best one among them. Due to its great coloring and health properties. Mostly in medicine turmeric extract were used because it contains more curcumin as compare to turmeric powder. Turmeric is traded worldwide based on its curcumin content.  It is a supernatural herb. Due to its multi-beneficial properties, it is considered as a wonder spice. It is a wonderful gift of nature and one cannot deny the importance of turmeric in any field of life. It served in various fields either it is food, beauty or health.

The powder is encapsulated as a dietary supplement. , it is been proven that turmeric is a high nutritional supplement. Due to its multifaceted benefits, it’s a high demand herb. So when it comes to buying bulk turmeric. You need to find out the source, from where you can get the finest and the purest form of turmeric. To see the best results of it.


Where to buy pure Turmeric Powder?

Turmeric is an herb applicable in a variety of fields. It is an ancient spice, and also known as “yellow-roots”. It gets more fame among other spices due to its high demand for usage. It’s a multifarious herb. Like it can be used a dye, a beauty agent, basic ingredient in various medicines. Due to the various properties it has, one can use it as per its requirement. So to use it you need to have the standard quality turmeric.

But the question is where to buy pure turmeric powder. You can buy it in two forms. One is turmeric powder and the second one is turmeric roots.  You can either buy bulk turmeric or small turmeric jars as per your need. If you are looking for the finest quality turmeric and want to have it for a long period of time. Then to buy bulk turmeric is a better option for you.

You can buy turmeric online or from any herb store. If you want to buy bulk turmeric online, you can contact us. As Yesang food is here to provide its best services to its customers. We are offering 100% hygienic, finest quality spices all around the globe.

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