Benefits of turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric


Turmeric is a flavorsome spice that is one of the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. It is one of those spices which were using by us from the last 4000 years and still counting. Turmeric is a Latin word reflecting the color of ground turmeric. Turmeric plants are long rooted and cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical areas. The taste of turmeric is bitter, peppery with goldish yellow color. From centuries it is been using in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine to fight against inflammatory diseases, skin issues, digestive ailments, and liver conditions. “Yellow roots”, “Saffron” are some of the names given to turmeric due to its appearance and health benefits. With the advancement of science, it is been proven that turmeric is a high nutritional supplement rich with multi-health benefits. Check it also Yesang Food

Here we are listed down the some of the benefits of Turmeric…


Benefits of Turmeric tea

Turmeric is an ancient spice, used for health benefits by centuries. Taking it in the form of tea can also be helpful in different ways. As it contains an active ingredient Curcumin. And curcumin has some anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. But it has low bioavailability which means digesting or absorbing the turmeric tea is hard for the body, but by adding some other ingredients like honey or black pepper, it makes the digestion process easy.  The benefits of taking Turmeric tea are:

  1. Promote good digestion
  2. Support lungs health
  3. Fight against Alzheimer disease
  4. Deals with arthritis
  5. Helps improving mental health.


Turmeric for skin

Turmeric helps in reviving your skin by bringing out its natural glow. It contains such anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help in maintaining skin’s health. Curcumin one of the ingredient found in turmeric helps in healing the wounds, as it decreased the inflammation and oxidation. It has a positive effect on tissues and collagen as well. Which shows the multi-dimensional benefits of it. Turmeric helps in delaying aging and fight against age-related chronic diseases. The anti-inflammatory properties turmeric having can target your pores, calm your skin and helps in reducing acne and any resulting scars.


How to take turmeric

Turmeric and its components such as curcumin have such qualities which help us in daily life for curing different health issues. We can take it in various forms to utilize it in the best possible ways like in the form of

  1. Turmeric powder capsule
  2. The Turmeric tea
  3. Turmeric milk
  4. Turmeric for brunch
  5. Cold buster (turmeric with honey).


Turmeric for weight loss

As we know turmeric helps in reducing depression, and stress usually causes sudden weight gain. As stress hormones get out of whack, fate accumulate nears the stomach and become the reason for weight gain. But as turmeric helps in reducing and calming the stress hormones to prevent depression, so when the stress hormones are balanced it helps in to stop that extra spare tire from forming around your waist.

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