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Yesang food Korea operations in Pakistan

Yesang food Korea operations in Pakistan: Yesang food Korea expands its vision and focused on the Asian market. Focusing centrally in Pakistan and established their plant in Lahore by installing the world’s best zero-metallic technology & cold pressing in Pakistan. Here we can produce supreme quality turmeric powder. Yesang food Pakistan started its journey back in 2018, with the aim to serve mutual benefits and provide high-class product range to the world. Yesang food Pakistan has established a retail brand of Turmeric Products including
• Household
• Raw turmeric
• Health supplements
• Cosmetic
Yesang food Korea plant in Lahore is up-to international standard. In addition, we have our own field for growing turmeric to sending it to plant for further procedures. All the steps are done under the supervision of an experienced team. We did not compromise on the quality of our products at any stage. however, to make sure the quality of our products, goes through many testing to insure the grade.

Yesang food Korea is a Korean company with its collaborating venture in Pakistan. It is located in South Korea with its operations across the world. The main motive of Yesang food Korea is to” Serve the Safest”. We are the safest food company, serving top-quality turmeric and other spices around the globe.

Our main motive includes

  1. “We think nature, we investigate the value of food and consider the reason for our existence.
  2. Select the cleanest, add the most precious with the warmest heart.
  3. We think, consider, practice and, serve natural food, for anyone anywhere in the world.

Above all the main product of Yesang food Korea is Turmeric. Firstly is a perennial herbaceous plant. Is one of the major spices in use from the last 4000 Years as a multi-faceted herb. “Haldi” or “saffron” is the other common name turmeric known by. Similarly, it also gets the name of CURE-CUMIN, due to its medicinal benefits. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties of turmeric make it more than a common spice. In conclusion, natural turmeric has strong health and beauty benefits. Our turmeric contains all these medicinal properties with international supply standards.

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Yesang Food Pvt. Ltd. is a spice manufacturing company based in Pakistan. We established our plant in Pakistan in 2018 to produce the safest quality spices for the world. We value nature. We collect the best quality raw spices from field, manufacture them, and produced the high quality spices. We grow with our own faith. We start this venture with an aim to provide the quality services to our customers. We introduced the ‘Zero-Metallic Technology’ for the first time in Pakistan in collaboration with Korea. We are striving hard to offer 100% scalable products with the shortest delivery time. Our services are designed exclusively to assist you.

Expansion of Production to Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Household use
Production Capacity increased to over 400 times. Company started trading in multiple nations. Acquired the certification of zero metallic content turmeric with Compliance and standard implemented.
Yesang Food Pvt. Ltd. established in Pakistan with the regulation of SECP. All the certification was done with proper procedures. In the same year Yeasng Production mill establishment in Lahore, Pakistan on 32-acre plot. Whole Processing Plant machinery is imported from Korea. Best professionals from Korea Installed Processing Plant under the supervision of management. 200 acres of farms are acquired to produce Natural Raw Turmeric.
MOU signed for the joint venture between Yesang Food Korea (Von Nature) and Saremco International for expansion of production plant project in Pakistan. This MOU became one of the highlights for Yesang. After this MOU we became a multinational company and doubled our production. Another production plant was placed in Pakistan to increase our production.
Started in 2008 as a Korean Spice Production Business. The vision that Yesang was started with is to provide a safe supply of spices all over globe. Yesang started with a motto which was” Serve the safest”.