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Standard Certifications

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Authentic Turmeric (Haldi) Products

Our primary objective is to serve the consumers worldwide with purest and finest quality natural Turmeric (Haldi) Products to ensure healthy benefits for everyone. For the purpose we have worked hard to achieve worldclass standard quality certifications, which is obvious proof of our products' authenticity.

We have done great efforts to produce finest quality Turmeric Products by investing our time, efforts and money in Research & Development, processing plants & international certifications. We have achieved the target to be the best Turmeric (Haldi) Products producer in the region for export globally and locally.

When you buy our all natural turmeric products, you get the authenticity of natural products free from radicals, pesticides, harmful chemicals and fake processing.

Yesang Food Korea is rooted to provide Finest Quality of Natural Turmeric Products across the world. Our best quality Turmeric (Haldi) Powder can be used in various forms as a beauty agent to heating up your dishes, cosmetics and different medical fields. Yesang Food Korea value nature, we collect the best quality raw Turmeric from fields, process it naturally at our world class facility and produce the highest quality Turmeric Supplement, Turmeric for cosmetics and especially Turmeric Spice Powder for daily use.

“ Yesang Food Korea aims to provide the healthy nutrition value of spices worldwide by utilizing latest technology and research”

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Our nutrition philosophy

Yesang Food aims to provide the healthy nutrition value of spices worldwide by utilizing best resources and latest technologies
  • turmeric powder benefits

    Nutritional Profile

    The chemical in turmeric linked to its hyper-active ingredient Curcumin, which plays vital role
  • turmeric powder benefits


    Antioxidants & anti-inflammatory compounds, which ensure fresh skin
  • turmeric powder benefits


    Turmeric has fiber that feed your friendly gut bacteria & Help to support overall digestive system
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Our Premium Turmeric Products

Premium Quality Turmeric (Haldi) Specifications

We guarantee premium quality natural and chemical free Turmeric (Haldi) Products and we are the only processing plant in Pakistan, which has the most advanced Turmeric processing plant and ensures the best quality Turmeric products for household, cosmetics and pharmaceutical. We are far beyond the competition and have following properties to distinguish our products. For more information click here
Yesang Premium Quality turmeric Ordinary turmeric
High efficiency: Farm to process at one country. Source unknown, low efficiency
100% hygienic turmeric powder Use of pesticides & chemicals
Zero-metallic: Iron powder detected less than 10ppm Turmeric mixed with external ingredients
High curcumin content Low curcumin content
Certifications (ISO, HALAL, HACCP, GMP, BRC) Not equipped with all certifications.
FDA(food facility registration number 16180884044) Not having FDA certificate due to low quality.

Why choose us

We have established our processing plants in Korea and Pakistan, where we process raw natural turmeric to produce best quality Turmeric products for our consumers all around the world.
  • Metal Free Turmeric

    There are heavy metals which grow with Turmeric roots and make it dangerous for human health. Our processing plant guarantees metal free turmeric.
  • Quality & Safety

    Our quality assurance team follows SOPs to ensure best quality of Turmeric Products, which guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and safety
  • Standards

    We have maintained the high quality standards for the production, processing and packaging of our natural turmeric products


Please stay tuned to our blog and news for more information about Natural Turmeric (Haldi) Products.
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